What the heck are keywords?

One of the keys to a successful online business is making sure that your website appears on the first page in Google for your keywords – that way your customers can find you easier.

Keywords are the words and phrases that someone types into a search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc) to look for information about that subject.

For example, Bob did a bad, bad thing (he forgot his wedding anniversary…it happens) and now he needs to buy some flowers for his wife. Bob goes to Google.com and types in a few words describing what he is looking for. In this case Bob would type in ‘Lynchburg florist’ or ‘Lynchburg flower shop’. Those are his key words.

Google will show him a list of florists and flower shops in Lynchburg, and Bob can start shopping for the perfect flowers and hopefully avoid an awkward or even painful evening.

Where do you want people to find you in Google? Remember, you don’t have to be number 1.  You just have to be higher than number 2! That is where Generate More comes in – we can rank you higher in Google and help you generate more traffic, more leads, and more sales!